Team Projects for Competition 2019

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Project Team Location Tags
1Stop The Entertaining 3 Mount Gambier
Accessible Toilet Finder inclusivIT Sydney
Ahead Above Water Ahead Above Water Brisbane
Alexa ABS Game The Henderson Family Bunbury
Ándale The Artful Bodgers Sunshine Coast
Aotearoa Māhanga Matihiko AMM Whanganui
Aquavo Aquavo Adelaide
AqWatch USC Innovative Engineers Sunshine Coast
Are you really going to drive tomorrow? Rufus! (from accounting ...) Adelaide
Audio, meet Building MALINGAring Fremantle
Aug View My Tech Gold Coast
Australian InduStory CamBamBaJam Ballarat
Australia @ Sea Team Radio Adelaide
AutoMate Pinecone Taradale
Bankruptcy – making it easier Alohomora Melbourne
Bankruptcy Prediction Rookie Hackers Melbourne
Bankrupt or Not? Bankrupt or Not? Sydney
Beacon Lighthouse Taradale
Belonging Wind breakers Mount Gambier
BikeBound VEEB Launceston
BizViz Bright Minds Albany
Blue Lake Mountain Bike Trails M1 Mount Gambier
BoneStorm KinderGeek Remote South Australia
BuddyUp Parachute 42 Albany
Burratown "data" Sydney
BusOnNeed Team 444 Hamilton
Canberra Roads Wall Art CrankyBot Canberra
Carbon impact of Electricity & Solutions Weebs Taradale Sydney
CarPark Top Gun Sunshine Coast
CAS29 - Cyclist Augmentation System 2029 [Project 477] DIIStance Cyclists Canberra
CED423 OSE423 Brisbane
City'Cycle Manic Men Albany
Climate Change, Water Security and Education inclusivIT Sydney
CloseRanks powered by Resonance Sarox Hobart
Connecting Victoria Team of One Melbourne
CoolMove Team 460 Sydney
CoolWalk Sydney Team 520 Sunshine Coast
Countree Team ExperienceSA Adelaide
Darwin Voice Assistant Darwin Voice Assistant Darwin
Decongest Sydney! Team Vicks Sydney
Destination Tourism HackVision Melbourne
Directives & Companies CoDirect Northland
Distributed Renewable Energy Integration Team Microgrids Rockhampton
DroughtSolutions IoTusers Rockhampton
DrugSight Ryan Hill Albany
eCab eCab-ers Melbourne
eCultureSA Data Geeks - eCultureSA Adelaide
eDUCATE NSW Team SwitchCase Sydney
Education WA 2050 Cyclops Fremantle
EduVision CoffeeConsumers Rockhampton
Emboiable ANU Hacky Bois Canberra
Emergence ANONYMOUS Adelaide
Energy Distribution for Resillience and Prosperity EDCRU - Energy and Data Crisis Response Unit Melbourne
eNLB - "The Future of AG" AgTech 2050 Peregian Beach
E-Park iWing Hobart
eVisitor eVisitor Melbourne
Explore Launnie UTAS MITS Launceston
FeelGood Good Vibrations Wellington
Fill the Gap Game Changers Melbourne
Find my business Applied Intelligence Melbourne
Find my Spot Find my Spot Sydney
Firewatch 🔥 Firewatch Hobart
First Step Triple J T Sunshine Coast
Fish Go FishHack Launceston
Fixing Disabled Parking S&G Mount Gambier
Freovision Tackle IT! Fremantle
futurED Git Sh*t Done Melbourne
Future Jobs Finder B&C Canberra
Glossy Black Cockatoos Glossy Black Cockatoos Brisbane
Gold Coast, Southport Tram Expansion Off the Rails Sunshine Coast
Good by plastic Team 532 Hobart
govstory govstory Adelaide
GreenRoutes Mentally Friendly Sydney
GreenWay - Making Public Transport More Comfortable MicroLant Sydney
GreenWay - Pulling a Key Level to Reduce Congestion MicroLant Sydney
GreenWay - Reducing CBD Congestion through more Pleasant Walking Routes MicroLant Sydney
GreenWay - The coolest way to travel across the city. MicroLant Sydney
Green With Envy APEX SOLUTIONS Sydney
GridReaper GridReaper Sydney
Guided Team 57k Mount Gambier
Gurumba bigi Gurumba bigi Brisbane
H2GO ElectronicallyE Adelaide
H2O Hub RoboRoyals Sunshine Coast
Helping Small Business with BizValidator JOCAR Sydney
Help with HELP McBride Mob Albany
Historical Agricultural Methodology Index [HAMI] Harold Holt Swim Team Mount Gambier
History Box LOL Historians Launceston
Housing Crisis Team Grey Hobart
I.E(Interactive Education) The Troublesome Corner Bunbury
ILI - Innovative Land Index CeRDI-fied Ballarat
Improve SA Data Geeks - Improve SA Adelaide
Incub8 Australia Team SwitchCase Sydney
indigi : The Indigenous Language Learning App TheKelliFanClub Sunshine Coast
Innovation Impact Victory&Beyond Brisbane
Insight Without Sight Insight Without Sight Fremantle
InstaPlace: Going Online for the Best of Offline. GSG Govhackers Albany
In Tent City In Tent City Melbourne
Interactive Culture Artificially Intelligent Adelaide
iSafe Team Soul Melbourne
It’s Bin Long Enough. Elly and Lilli Mount Gambier
I want to go to there Digital Transformers Sydney
iWing-Project 681 iWing-Team 681 Hobart
Jabiru the final frontier Mars attracts Darwin
Jinder - Tinder for Jobs Jinder Sydney
Jobit HackVision Melbourne
JobsAndGrowth GrowthAndJobs Canberra
Jobs & Growth LMJD Pty Ltd Sunshine Coast
JOBY - Prosper the Labour Market Opportunity Monitor Fremantle
Jrnal Team Jrnal Auckland
Koalar Koalar Sydney
Kwatyeke Akaltye-irreme Kwatye Alice Springs
Let's GO! The Transporters Taradale
LifeBus Projekt Green Canberra
Linked Linked Auckland
LittleBird Cordelta Digital Canberra
Little Yarns M&N Brisbane
Localé Team io Taradale
Luminair Digital Thinks Adelaide
LYFE - Lower Your Fuel Emissions DanGer Canberra
MackHacking 2.0 MackHackers Mackay
Mae ARCS Adelaide
Mental Health Journey Tool The Puzzling Ducks Wellington
Mind Mate The Mind Mates Taradale
Movely Movely Wellington
Move To Team Move To Noosa Peregian Beach
My Canberra Futures 2029 Analysts anonymous Canberra
myCity MY City Gold Coast
My Environment The Step Dads Sunshine Coast
My Place Awesomely Cool Rockhampton
MySALife Chamonix IT Solutions Adelaide
NetAid NetAid Adelaide
Newman dimsim Melbourne
NextCrops ARIVS Melbourne
NextGen Transport - Smart Commute AccoutureRockers Melbourne
Next H20 SoloViz Gold Coast
NEXTSTOP Big 4 Canberra
NICI Expósito - An Exposé Team Adelaide
No Fire Now NFN Gold Coast
Once Upon A Crime. Elly & Lilli Mount Gambier
One View Property Team One View Property Brisbane
Optimise water and energy IIBIT Water Adelaide
OptiTech Navigation Systems-Beta KinderGeek Remote South Australia
Order 66 Ctrl Alt Defeat Auckland
OrganoLandView Pure Land Seekers Taradale
OzMesh Team Vegemite Sydney
PAPPER: Predictive Adaptive Parking Price Estimator Artificially Intelligent Adelaide
ParkMeMate HungryHackers Melbourne
PFJ 2020 Team Enterprize Hobart
Plaque Attack Plaque Attack Northland
Plastic Challenge Team Chronos Mackay
PlistoPlastic Team Hosico Cat Adelaide
PolyVote PolyVote Fremantle
Power Play H.A.C.M Mount Gambier
Project 10 LAN19 Darwin
Project 517 Engineering Hacks Sunshine Coast
Project 540 Team 540 Sydney
Project 594 Toms Misfits Taradale
Project 711 Team 711 Taradale
Project 795 Team 795 Hobart
Project 812 ComputerRice Brisbane
Project 835 Team 835 Brisbane
Project 891 Team 891 Geraldton
Project 902 : From Source to Tap, Water Education Team AW Adelaide
Project 942 Paradigm Shift Sydney
Project Bowtie Helen's Angel's Sunshine Coast
Project - Digital Culture Team Radio Adelaide
Project - Future of Public transportation Team Radio Adelaide
Project *IIBIT** Team *IIBIT** Adelaide
Project Less is MORE WhatsHack Sydney
Project MySafeCity Disruptors Adelaide
Project NRG - New Renewable Green Team 604 - Hobart Hackerspace Hobart
Project Splash! Green. Canberra
Project - Victoria Soils Team Radio Adelaide
Project X BRKLYN Partners Adelaide
Public Transport 2029 Braveness💪 Canberra
Quality Air Haxolotl Sunshine Coast
QWild Big Sunday Brisbane
Rain Drop Drop Top Brisbane
Rainfall Splashing in Puddles Ballarat Hackers Ballarat
Redirect Pied Piper Sydney
Regional SA - Opportunites and Tourism The Hive Adelaide
Remote Beat Dharray dharray Darwin
Revealing Data Spatial_Specs Darwin
Ripple Effect Ripple Effect Melbourne
Rise and Smile Rise and Smile Brisbane
RUBeingServed Transparency Ninjas Taradale
Safe Spaces Safe Space Whanganui
SAritage Team SAritage Adelaide
SaveWaterGo!! H&R Sydney
SchoolBud Vanquishers Adelaide
Schools In the Hood The Hoodies Melbourne
Scoot over Four21 Darwin
Small Biz Toolkit FruChocsX Adelaide
Small business solutions Business Complete | Analytics Lab Sydney
SmartMaps BeFrank Canberra
Smart Parking Management System using Deep Learning After Realism Canberra
Social Inclusion Platform Social Hero Sydney
Soft plastic to parthways Waste waste Whanganui
Solving employment issues with data Weekend Hackers Sydney
Solving QLD's Droughts Droughts 'R' Us Brisbane
SpaceLab Enterprises KinderGeek Remote South Australia
SpotSchool Captain Hacker Adelaide
sqly-me Porretas Adelaide
Start Here App The Nav1gators Fremantle
StartLink Buzi Top Dogs Launceston
STEM Trade N & M Brisbane
Subversive Immersive Subversive Immersive Albany
Sustainability 🌱Smart Green Growth🌱 Brisbane
SwacchCity (Clean City) AccoutureRockers Melbourne
SWH-FremantleHeritage SouthWestHackers Bunbury
Take a Break, Mate The Data Highway Mount Gambier
Tapestry 451 Canberra
Tasmanian Monopoly game Team 939 Hobart
T-Chat Tiny Happy People Hacking Canberra
Team Black Glossy Team Black Glossy Peregian Beach
Team IIBIT Team IIBIT Adelaide
tell me a story Deep Fried Brains Melbourne
The Digging Stick Three's Not A Crowd Mount Gambier
The Easier Way Out Caffeinated Pre-workout Sydney
The Full Deck Three's Not A Crowd Mount Gambier
The Power Spot Noosa Power Peregian Beach
Thriving Tasmania Team 515 Hobart
Tidal Change There4 Sunshine Coast
Trademark Like Yours neat 👌 SSH 😥💰💻 Canberra
TrainMate™️ The Codefather Sydney
Transport Hacks ANONYMOUS Adelaide
Understanding Innovation Precincts with BizValidator JOCAR Sydney
urTrash B&C Canberra
Viral mental health awareness visualization Guardian Wings Auckland
VisuaLink VisuaLink Adelaide
Visualising Land Use Electric Dreams Canberra
Vox Data Vox Data Canberra
VR Bois VR Bois Canberra
V (We) R (Are) Fremantle Next Era Tech Fremantle
Waldo Hello Politician Auckland
Walkitoff Team Bossman Taradale
Walk the Talk Walk the Talk Fremantle
War on Water Waste GoWithTheFlow Brisbane
Waste:ED Noosa Waste Management Peregian Beach
Water Aid Keep The Kool Time (KTKT) Adelaide
Water-from source to tap Sunshine Sunshine Coast
Watergy Sydney
Water Hacklings Hacklings Sydney
Water Source to Tap Skylark Melbourne
Waterwise Cicada Adelaide
Well Beeing Tessellate Fremantle
Wenergy WA Wenergy Bunbury
What Will We Look Like? Coder's Unite Ballarat
Wilky Wilky Peregian Beach
Wording Digital Poets Whanganui
Working on CBD Traffic dotjam Adelaide
WorkPaths Australia WorkPaths Sydney
Xplore SuperFriendz Canberra
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow DataOpener Canberra
Yours Outdoors Steve's Group Sunshine Coast
Youth Justice Maze Team 514 Canberra