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'The Full Deck' is a fun and creative way of turning a regular pack of cards into a gateway to the North Adelaide Cultural Precinct, in both the real and virtual worlds.

Each playing card features a different photo taken from online datasets from four of the institutions in this precinct, bringing them to life in a physical format. The cards can be collected as part of a trail that visitors can follow between the South Australian Museum, Art Gallery, History Trust of South Australia and the State Library.

The cards also allow the user to engage with the data in a more engaging way online. By scanning the QR code on the back of each card, the user is taken to an app where they will hear the story and other details about the photo featured on that particular card.

Data Story

Our project directly utilises data in the form of photos featured on the face of the playing cards. The photos can be found in datasets at DataSA, the State Library of SA, the South Australian Museum, and the History Trust of SA. These images are otherwise hidden amongst the vast array of photo based datasets that exist online, but our idea brings them into the public eye and encourages the user to interact with these digital sources via a game of cards, an app and a cultural trail.

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Team DataSets

State History Collection (features)

Description of Use We directly used images from this collection to create our set of cards. The specific image shown in our video is of the Stanhope Press (which is not currently on public display).

Data Set

South Australians of World War 1 Photographs Flickr set

Description of Use Our project directly used this data set of photos from the State Library of South Australia on some of it's cards, thus highlighting the existence of these incredible digitised images. The specific example used from this dataset in our video shows the photo of Private Andrew Alexander Miller.

Data Set

South Australian Museum Marine Invertebrates collection

Description of Use This dataset supplied the digital image of a starfish specimen for one of our cards. Not all specimens in the South Australian Museum are on public display, therefore our project brings these hidden collections to the public's attention.

Data Set


Description of Use We used this site to source photos and also the information behind the images, for direct use in our deck of cards.

Data Set

Google Maps

Description of Use We used an image from Google Maps to show the North Terrace Precinct on which our project is based.

Data Set

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