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Tackle IT!

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David , Michael Sheehy and 3 other members with unpublished profiles.

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Fremantle has a wealth of history and community stories, but they are not available when you're sitting down enjoying a coffee in the sun on the esplanade.

So what if you could pull out your smartphone and read, look or listen to information about the heritage of the buildings, events and people who lived around you in the past.

The mix of maps, geo-located content, augmented reality, and voice commentary can make the whole of Fremantle a interactive living history.

Data Story

We recognised that there is a range of data available on many Government databases.
We used a range of sources:

โ— photo archives on Trove
โ— photo archives on
โ— Aboriginal Heritage sites
โ— Census data

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Team DataSets

ABS 2016 Census QuickStats

Description of Use Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people - 127 people - 1.5%

Data Set

Aboriginal Heritage Places

Data Set

Heritage Council WA - State Register (SHO-003)

Data Set

State Library of WA Open Data

Data Set

Fremantle Townsite 1844

Data Set

City of Fremantle - Research Resources

Data Set

Challenge Entries

๐ŸŒŸ Sharing the unique cultural, colonial and built heritage of Fremantle/Walyalup

The City of Fremantle is known for its unique heritage and as one of the most visited destinations in WA is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to make this information available to visitors. We are looking for a technology based solution that will provide a heritage interpretation experience to help replace the existing system.

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Efficient Visualisation

Immersive visualisation to understand data

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Thrive or survive: how can we adapt for the future?

What will Australia in 2050 look like?

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Most Creative Use of WA Data

This challenge is to provide recognition to the team that uses any available Western Australian data set to provide the most โ€˜creativeโ€™ solution to a local or regional issue in Western Australia.

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