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BizValidator makes it easy for businesses to find the information they need through a government portal.

Data Story

BizValidator allows potential business owners to enter the area and type of business they are looking to establish. This information is then fed into the decision support module which evaluates the top three factors important to the success of this type of business.

This system is designed to scale infinitely but key datasets include:

Victorian and NSW Government Public transport stop locations
Liverpool City Council Pedestrian Sensor data.
Australian Government Stocktake of Australian Innovation Precincts

Evidence of Work


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Team DataSets

Melbourne, Victoria Metro Train Stations

Description of Use: Used as a weighted indicator to determine an area's popularity and success.

Data Set

Liverpool Sensor Data

Description of Use: BizValidator provides businesses with insight for location decisions. From user research we found that passing foot traffic is of key importance to many businesses, especially seasonal data. This data-set provides detailed temporal data required and has been integrated into the platform.

Data Set

NSW DATA: Train Station Entrance Locations

Description of Use: We used this data as part of a rasterised heatmap.

Data Set

New Business Assistance with NEIS data

Description of Use: we had problems with realistically using the data: - cannot find success rate with much granularity e.g. could not find the rate of success for people in businesses in the construction industry, within Queensland, who are refugees. Without this, cannot use the success rate to understand who needs to be targeted differently.

Data Set


🌟 Small Business; Big Decisions

Region: Victoria


🌟 Improving the customer experience of government services

Region: New South Wales


🌟 Pedestrian and Air Quality Sensor Data

Region: New South Wales


Helping Start-ups and New Small Businesses in Australia

Region: Australia


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