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This is a very cool app created for GovRack, that will encourage people of all ages, from children to adults, to walk more and reduce congestion and parking issues. People will be able to use the able to walk to work, to school, to the markets or anywhere. It will also help saving the environment, reduce pollution and make the world a better place. I am only 9 years old, and I want to be able to live in a great world, for me ... for two daddies and for all of my family! Thank you, GovHack, for allowing me to express my ideas and change the world!

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My Papai, one of my daddies, helped me with this. We looked at lots of data from the government and also some data from NSW and from the BOM. It was very cool investigating all these things


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Team DataSets

NSW Urban Vegetation Cover to Modified Mesh Block 2016

Description of Use We think this information will also be very nice. It will suggest the most amazing places where people can walk - places with lots of trees and lots of green areas. We think that walking alongside trees and green areas will for sure bring smiles on peoples faces.

Data Set

NSW Urban Heat Island to Modified Mesh Block 2016

Description of Use We think this information will be super cool. It will help us suggesting great places and tracks for everyone. This info is loaded with information on that and we are sure people will appreciate having great places to walk along, and different ones too.

Data Set

Bureau of Meteorology portal for GovHack 2018

Description of Use BOM is amazing. It will help us telling everyone if the weather is going to be good as they step outside for their walks. It is important for everyone to enjoy their walks ... and to make sure that they take an umbrella as well - in case it is going to rain. This BOM site will help telling the weather forecast - it will be very useful.

Data Set

SoE2017: Cultural heritage site locations

Description of Use This information will also help us telling people all about the nice places they are walking along - including the important aboriginal heritage places, because they are very important too and they are a great part of our history that people should learn more about it!

Data Set

SoE2017: Local heritage places and areas

Description of Use Our app will tell people about nice places and landmarks along the way, as they gladly walk to school, to work or anywhere else. This information will help us finding all these cool places ... and tell people information on each one of them!

Data Set

New vehicle registrations—by year

Description of Use This database shows how much people spend money on buying news cars. My Papai and I think this show there are so many new cars on the road. Maybe people can spend less money on cars and more money on the environment (and parks, bikes, skateboards, etc)

Data Set

SoE2017: Vehicle emissions

Description of Use This information will be very good, can you see just how much pollution cars make to the environment? It is just so much. We need to make sure everybody knows that. If everyone knows that I am sure people will leave their cars at home and walk a lot more.

Data Set

SoE2017: Transport sector greenhouse gas emissions

Description of Use We are using this data base to verify how much car pollutes the environment. It is important to be able to convince people to use less cars because they really pollute the world.

Data Set

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