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Space Lab enterprises is an open online community driven website which educators and leading academics crowd share and surf topics to knuckle out everyday scientific and other researches . The website creates collaboration between researchers. Hence, noting that the site benifits the end-user and improves access to higher education research, sustainable goals, and online collaboration between researchers around the world.

Data Story

The number one factor for doing this website is so that all researchers come together and collaborate and united in the quest for knowledge. SpaceLab Enterprises was created by Alecia, the brain Child of the project for GovHack.

Evidence of Work


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Team DataSets

Contracting non-government organisations

Data Set

Supply of secondary teachers in STEM-related disciplines

Data Set

Information and Communications Technologies in schools for teaching and learning

Data Set

Training expenditure

Data Set

TAFE SA Campus Locations

Data Set

TAFE SA Short Courses 2015

Data Set

TAFE SA Short Courses 2017

Data Set

Parkes observations for project P595 semester 2019APRS_07

Data Set


Leveraging innovation precincts to drive economic prosperity.

Region: Australia


Local Government Information Technology Association of South Australia

Region: South Australia


🌟 The Class of 2025

Region: Western Australia


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