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Matt , Nathan , Deb , DR SANJEEV BANDI , Aiden , Chris Vella and 3 other members with unpublished profiles.

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being from regional queensland, as locals we understand the value and benefits of living outside the metropolitan area. Our website will give users considering a sea or tree change, access to data from across the state where they can compare some of the key lifestyle attributes and rate what is important to them in order to narrow down a region that would be suitable for them to move to.

Data Story

We are using data from a broad range of sources. Some of the data will be cached on the site and some will be live.



Team DataSets

Domain Developer API

Description of Use Retrieving the min/max property sale prices for a given region.

Data Set

Google Places API

Description of Use Retrieving the number of schools, hospitals or other facilities in a region.

Data Set

Air Quality Monitoring - 2018

Description of Use Retrieving historic air quality data which is then summarised.

Data Set


Description of Use Returning a list of the following information: Min Temperature Max Temperature Min Humidity Max Humidity Avg. rainfall.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Highlighting the regional living advantages over metropolitan capitals.

Enabling people to choose the most suitable regional centre for a sea or tree change.

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Reducing CBD Traffic Congestion

How to reduce traffic congestion or parking problems in CBD?

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