Highlighting the regional living advantages over metropolitan capitals.

Jurisdiction: Queensland

Enabling people to choose the most suitable regional centre for a sea or tree change.

People considering migration to regional centres require ways of evaluating data in an informative and insightful way to assist them in making a decision to move away from urban centres. This Challenge is open to all data sets but entrants are encouraged to look at data in the following areas:

Access to secondary and tertiary education
Access to health services including hospitals
Median house prices
Salary ranges for professionals
Traffic wait times/ no. of traffic lights from home to destination of employment
Average daily temperature
Ease of access to natural and leisure destinations
Population density
Air quality
Entrants are not limited to the above list and so encouraged to be creative with the use of datasets.

Eligibility: Open to teams from Regional Areas

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in Queensland.

Challenge Entries

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