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Move To

The Move-To app enables users to explore a personalised view of regional locations scored against their requirements and lifestyle choices. This enables a more informed relocation decisions to be made by users driving better economic outcomes for individuals and regions.

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Aug View

Visualizing Underground Assets using Augmented Reality and Data sets from Gold Coast.

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Quality Air

1 in 9 Australians suffer from chronic respiratory diseases, a group of conditions that have a wide range of triggers, including dust, pollutants, temperature, humidity and pressure. We wanted to design a tool for the community, but specifically targeting those with respiratory illnesses, that co...

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Whale awareness / sound relay project.

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My Place

Our vision for the weekend was to use emerging technology to create an application used in partnership with communities to promote and encourage active participation in the preservation and reconstruction of some of our most valuable and at-risk languages. We’ve used Augmented Reality, Virtua...

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Distributed Renewable Energy Integration

Simulations were created for a theoretical Microgrid based in Yeppoon, Regional Queensland. An optimisation was performed on the data using a quadrated cost-function, the least-squared approach over voltage, frequency, total-harmoic distortion and phase-shift. Regional living and the regional e...

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The Power Spot

The Power Spot provides a simple way to visualise how much of our energy is coming from renewable sources, how much renewable energy we are storing in the grid and using later, also, how much energy we are sharing with our neighbours, and how much energy is coming from non renewable sources. ...

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First Step

First Step highlights the quality of life benefits that are on offer outside metropolitan areas. These benefits range from economic (housing, home and business rent costing) and health and happiness (lifestyle, shorter commutes etc).

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Yours Outdoors

We have developed ***Yours Outdoors***, an App designed to find the best park and outdoor facilities for you and your friends.

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One View Property

Looking for a property is quite challenging and stressful since there is no specific source that provides all the information. Also, finding trustful resources is not an easy process. We have created a web application using available API on the Queensland Government website. Initially, to und...

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MackHacking 2.0

being from regional queensland, as locals we understand the value and benefits of living outside the metropolitan area. Our website will give users considering a sea or tree change, access to data from across the state where they can compare some of the key lifestyle attributes and rate what is ...

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