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Looking for a property is quite challenging and stressful since there is no specific source that provides all the information. Also, finding trustful resources is not an easy process.

We have created a web application using available API on the Queensland Government website. Initially, to understand the key features for property buyers, we have run a survey among participants of GovHack 2019. Regarding the feedback and our investigations, we have developed the house searching web application. This application provides comprehensive information about the properties in Queensland. In addition to the house value, land size, and general description about the property, the application provides information about the transport, distance to the bus station, distance to CBD, flood zone, crime zone, school catchments, available parks with their distance to the property.

Using this application, buyers save their time, use trustful resources all extracted from the Queensland Government API, increase their awareness, and focus on the key features that they are caring about. This application makes a big change in property purchasing industry.

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Park Bounds Data

Description of Use Uses the latitude and longitude to find the nearby parks and presents them along with the name and address.

Data Set

Translink Stop Data

Description of Use To get the names and locations of the bus, train & ferry stations using the Stop Name, Stop Latitude & Stop Longitude.

Data Set

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