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The Move-To app enables users to explore a personalised view of regional locations scored against their requirements and lifestyle choices. This enables a more informed relocation decisions to be made by users driving better economic outcomes for individuals and regions.

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We use a range of open data sets including regional price index, salary levels, employment data, job vacancies, innovation precincts etc. which are combined to present a personalised score and supporting information cards about a region to the user for evaluation and comparison.

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Team DataSets

LMIP Vacancy Report - IVI Regional Data - May 2010 onwards

Description of Use We extract and display job vacancy rates for a region and for an individuals’ specific occupation in that region. We also derive and display avacancy rate as a Vacancies / 1000 Jobs.

Data Set

Labour force status by region, Queensland

Description of Use We present regional economic data to further inform the users relocation decision.

Data Set

Index of retail prices in Queensland regional centres

Description of Use We extract and present regional price level information from the queensland datasets to further inform the users relocation decision.

Data Set

Stocktake of Australian Innovation Precincts–June 2019

Description of Use By visually displaying the locations of the innovation precincts to an individual thinking of relocating we create a greater awareness of the regions capability and connect those looking for collaborative and innovative ecosystems to those innovation precincts.

Data Set

ATO Taxation Statistics - Snapshot - Table 7

Description of Use Displaying indicative salaries for an individual's occupation in each region the user is able to compare their potential earning capacities in each region under consideration.

Data Set

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Australia’s Future Employment

Choose one of the following questions to address: 1. How can recent and future changes in the labour market help prepare young people for job opportunities? 2. What can we learn from case studies of regional labour markets? For example, what does rapid change in the industries or occupations within a region tell us about the needs of employers/workers in other regional labour markets

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Highlighting the regional living advantages over metropolitan capitals.

Enabling people to choose the most suitable regional centre for a sea or tree change.

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Economy and Jobs

How can we create more jobs and grow the Queensland economy?

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ATO for individuals

How can ATO and other Australian public data be used to help the community fill employment opportunities?

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Leveraging innovation precincts to drive economic prosperity.

How might we build on interaction between businesses and research institutions in Australian innovation precincts, to boost business capability, growth, and job creation?

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