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Project Description

First Step highlights the quality of life benefits that are on offer outside metropolitan areas. These benefits range from economic (housing, home and business rent costing) and health and happiness (lifestyle, shorter commutes etc).

Data Story

For choosing data for this project we focused on gathering datasets that could be used to highlight the benefits and negatives associated with different regions. In the presentation we referred to median rent and median income by region in QLD. Comparing statistics like this can give a percentile of how much of the annual income goes towards rent for different regions. The decision matrix option in the website also provides data on what certain populations look for and the regions associated with these preferences.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets


Description of Use: We focused on salary, rent, housing availability and housing stress. Compared these in different regions segregated by tags such as city, region, and shire and so on. The actual website would use a similar comparative analyse of all other required data sets.

Data Set


Helping Start-ups and New Small Businesses in Australia

Region: Australia


Economy and Jobs

Region: Queensland


Highlighting the regional living advantages over metropolitan capitals.

Region: Queensland


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