Gold Coast, Southport Tram Expansion

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Proposal for additional light rail routes to be added to the Gold Coast, South Port CBD District.

Data Story

All data sets, overlays, graphs and pictures can be located in the provided Google Drive link. All data sets are able to be imported into Google Earth, Queensland Globe and ArcGIS.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

Landmark areas - Queensland

Description of Use Able to incorporate into Google Earth to easily identify key local landmarks easily and make correlations between education facilities and excessive traffic congestion in the Gold Coast's CBD.

Data Set

ABS Statistics

Description of Use Able to find accurate data regarding the volume of people driving to work daily in the gold coast as well as the amount of cars registered in the gold coast.

Data Set

City of Gold Coast Data

Description of Use Used existing light rail data as well as existing parking areas and incorporated them into Google Earth to create a unique overlay of data showing crucial information easily.

Data Set

QLD Globe

Description of Use Outline Gold Coast CBD so show area with MSES and ASS areas and check if data can be incorporated into different programs like Google Earth and Arc Gis.

Data Set

QLD Traffic

Description of Use Used to find peak traffic times on certain roads.

Data Set

Collection Of Used Data Sets

Data Set

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Best use of Gold Coast Data

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