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Our Project --- SaveWaterGo!!
Here in Australia, according to the data from Bureau of Meteorology- Australia Government, we understand the fact that the 2019-19 financial year was drier than the average over in most part of Australia.
On the other hand, according to the data from Australia Bureau of Statistics, Australia has about 24.5 million people in 2017, and increased to 25 million people in 2018, that means a million people will be added to population with every 2-3 years.
With lower rainfall supply and higher population growth, help Aussie aware of saving water has a great importance for future development.

Informed by those data, our team created this “counting water usage” sensor, the theory of is sensor is:
1. people can apply for these free water sensor;
2. every-time when sensor-holder use the tap water in public toilet, for example in school or shopping mall, they tap on the card to wash the hand; when they finish using, tap off the card;
3. then our sensor system will show how many seconds this person use the water, if the time is within the reasonable time range, here in the prototype, we set the reasonable time is 10s as an example;
4. if the using water time is close to the 10s, the sensor holder can get equivalent points; if the time is much higher than 10s or much lower than 10s (considering the hygiene issues), the holder will have negative points;
5. in the users' app (can be counted as homepage), the points can be used to redeem goods, such as a discount for coffee or even Pokemon in the app;
We hope the benefits of these points can help people try their best to save water when washing the hands.

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H&R which stands for two team members: Henry & Ruby

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word "SaveWaterGo!! " with a tap dripping water shows that we need to save water when using the tap water

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  1. Bureau of Meteorology- Australia Government
  2. Australia Bureau of Statistics

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Australia Population

Description of Use According to the data from Australian Bureau of Statistics, we understand the fact that with every 2-3 years, there are about 1 million people added to the Australia population.

Data Set

Climate of the 2018–19 financial year

Description of Use We understand the fact that 2018-19 financial year was drier than the average over in most part of Australia according to the data provided by Bureau of Meteorology- Australia Government.

Data Set

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