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Welcome to Emergence. This project is about delivering the most important information from real time apis to your local community and connecting people together.

Using the Queensland OpenAPI data, we can scour real time data for statistically significant events in your area in an automated fashion so that people can know what’s going on in their town in real time. Whether it’s a blazing fire, a car crash, flood or poor air quality people can be notified about the event so that they can keep safe.

To deliver the information we chose to build a web and mobile application that is accessible anywhere in the world.

Emergence is aimed at helping farmers, property owners, rangers and tourists and all communities. In the future, the app will include job postings for a town, chat and communication features, and bring out the most important information from many data sources to the front of your attention. You will be able to indicate what information is most relevant to you as well.

Evidence of work 2: https://github.com/192Iridium77/QueensLandAPI
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A cotton farmer opens the app, for his current location it shows statistically relevant information for his job and life on the front page. Examples of this are: What the risk of fire is, what water restrictions are in place, where to find fuel and which part of town is closed down due to a car crash. If he's on the front line of a fire, he can also warn other members of the community of the danger.

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Crash data from Queensland roads

Description of Use We have integrated our website with the openAPI provided by the Queensland government to build an app that provides statistics on the crash in an area based on the user's location and provides suggestions.

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