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The Xplore tool uses the multiple data sources available on the ACT Government Open Data Portal (https://www.data.act.gov.au/) as its underlying data. This includes the geolocation data of schools, hospitals, libraries, public transport routes, recreation facilities and projected population growth time series by suburb. The data was cleaned and transformed into a usable format using Power Query and stored as a Microsoft Access database. You can find the complete list of datasets we used and analysed here: https://github.com/Hjacer/Govhack19-Xplore

Xplore uses cutting edge technology such as geospatial visualisation and machine learning algorithms to better visualise and predict population trend to better help the individual end user and ACT government to plan for their future. The tool not only visualises statistics such as number of schools and hospitals, predicted population growth rate by suburb, but also makes recommendations for the user. The tool works by taking user inputs such as age, gender and suburb they want to move into, and uses the built-in machine learning model to forecast population growth. In production, the recommendation system will also calculate the ten year lifestyle, housing affordability and employment outlook scores using public facilitates data, housing datasets and employment datasets for the suburb the user entered. It will then compare these scores with other ACT suburbs and recommend the best suburb (highest score) for the user to move into in the future.

The ACT government could also use the data we collect through the system, such as user demographics, housing and employment data to better plan for the city in the areas of population, education, community and job opportunities in the future.

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Team DataSets

ACT Population Projection

Description of Use: used for data visualisation on map and used for population prediction using machine learning algorithm

Data Set


ATO for individuals

Region: Australia


Canberra 2029 – First Hackers: Inclusive; Progressive; Connected

Region: Australian Capital Territory


🌟 Canberra 2029 – Inclusive; Progressive; Connected

Region: Australian Capital Territory


Australia’s Future Employment

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