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How do the suburbs of Sydney interact and evolve? We explore the city through the lens of data, generating new suburbs and evolving existing ones to compare and contrast with the existing social and cultural landscapes of the city.

Data Story

Our project combines multiple data sources to stitch together different aspects of the fabric of NSW, including census data, zoning and industrial data to build a rich visualisation of the connections between the different suburbs of NSW, and gain insights about the future development of the city.

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Team DataSets

Zoning datasets (NEEDS LINK MATT)

SA1 boundaries (2016) (NEEDS LINK MATT)

SA1 census data, geography (2016) (NEEDS LINK MATT)

Businesses by Industry Division by Statistical Area Level 2 by Employment Size Ranges, June 2016, June 2017 & June 2018

Description of Use Used to determine prominence + density of commercial enterprise in various suburbs based on their ABN locality.

Data Set

NSW suburb/locality boundaries

Description of Use Needed these to create our "similar suburbs" map and grab the suburb names we use.

Data Set

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