šŸŒŸ The three Cā€™s of innovation ā€“ combination, collaboration, and chance.

Jurisdiction: New South Wales

How can we combine and use environmental data to gain new insights into New South Wales and tell a story of our diverse landscape?

It has been said that the three Cā€™s of innovation are combination, collaboration, and chance.
The SEED portal currently houses over 2,500 environmental datasets relating to land, air, water, biota, endangered species and more. Help us understand how we can reimage and visualise our data to inform evidence-based and data-driven decisions.
Combine at least two datasets from the SEED open data portal and collaborate with your team to have a chance of winning.
We are looking for the most creative entry which tells a great story.

Eligibility: Use 2 or more datasets from the SEED platform https://www.seed.nsw.gov.au/

Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in Australia.

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SEED - Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data

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