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How do the suburbs of Sydney interact and evolve? We explore the city through the lens of data, generating new suburbs and evolving existing ones to compare and contrast with the existing social and cultural landscapes of the city.

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Our solution comes in two parts: a React frontend application for displaying map visualisations, and a backend Python API service for data retrieval and developers. Given a mode of transport, our app provides you with human centric data about possible routes between your location and another. I...

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Ozmesh is an instant, interactive mesh block statistical data visualization tool that uses NSW heat and vegetation data, ABS data and Journey To Work data to help users navigate Sydney.

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Team Black Glossy

Using machine learning from audio sources to identify black glossy cockatoos from around the region.

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# Koalar Koalar is an app that enables travellers to help the environment. ## Trip Planning ![enter image description here](https://i.imgur.com/p1Hn975.png) Koalar uses the SEED and CSIRO datasets to map where the native animals are in Australia. It presents information on different...

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Green Routes' vision is to increase citizens' engagement with their environment. Along with preparing citizens for urban heat, we believe that we can also tackle congestion, reduce obesity in young Australians, and improve the overall well-being of all citizens. With more and more Australia...

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Australia’s hot and dry climate, makes resources such as fresh water a valuable commodity. This issue is combined with the problem of the extensive resources required to connect remote and regional communities to accessible power. With the aim to reach sustainable targets by the end of 2050 - 100...

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The Digital Thinks 'Luminair' project uses environmental and IoT data to explore questions and opportunities for health, wellbeing, placemaking, sustainability and awareness around air quality. Through commonalities and patterns of data locally and nationally, we consider how air quality data c...

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Water Hacklings

Youth team (4-11 years old) working on a water hack in Sydney (remote). **What did we make?** We made a model of a playground we think the council should build hopefully you think that too. It isn’t just an ordinary playground it is a fun place teaching children about water. It teachers child...

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Blue Lake Mountain Bike Trails

Here's an app that was designed so you as the user can locate and find all the trails that are located around the district and also links to the local Mountain Bike Community’s pages.There is currently no other information provided by Mount Gambier Tourism Towards Mountain Bike Trails in and arou...

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I want to go to there

Imagine you want to go out for a picnic, fly a drone or train for state of origin. Is it a good day? Where should you go and how should you get there? Will there be trees there? ![screenshot](https://hackerspace.govhack.org/rails/active_storage/blobs/eyJfcmFpbHMiOnsibWVzc2FnZSI6IkJBaHBBaFlEIiw...

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Our project is an app that help tourists and locals alike by providing information on many of the necessary information about your location or a specific location that is searched by the user, this information ranges from providing the user with location of toilets and ATM's through to giving the...

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It’s Bin Long Enough.

Starting July all general consumables for sale need to have a scannable barcode in relation to our App “Global Disposal Proposal”. The app connects with marketers, producers, buyers and manufacturers to clearly inform users on the correct way to dispose of packaging.

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Small Biz Toolkit

Help small businesses understand the the benefits and negatives of starting up a new location without needing to research through endless datasets, but instead, look at data visualised.

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