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Ulzii and 4 other members with unpublished profiles.

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Help small businesses understand the the benefits and negatives of starting up a new location without needing to research through endless datasets, but instead, look at data visualised.

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Team DataSets

Counts of Australian Businesses, including Entries and Exits, June 2014 to June 2018

Description of Use Using the numbers of Victorian businesses as proof of our solution

Data Set

Stocktake of Australian Innovation Precincts - June 2019

Description of Use Adding the location of Innovation precincts to the map for certain business types like IT

Data Set

New Business Assistance with NEIS data

Description of Use Showing the number of new business' using NEIS by industry to convince others to take that assistance as well.

Data Set

Sport and Recreational Facilities

Description of Use Showing nearby sporting and recreational facitities for the end user to understand how popular an area might be.

Data Set

2016 Census QuickStats

Description of Use Using the population, demographics and unemployed labour pool show the most critical information for a new or current restaurant owner.

Data Set

Liverpool Smart Pedestrian project

Description of Use Used to record foot traffic and show the historical food traffic available.

Data Set

Business Licences by Type and Suburb

Description of Use Checking the number of nearby competitors to searched area

Data Set

Victorian Property Sales Report - Median Unit by Suburb Quarterly

Description of Use Checking nearby suburb costs to inform users about the prices around the area

Data Set

Challenge Entries

🌟 Pedestrian and Air Quality Sensor Data

How might we improve users’ experience of their city by using data from pedestrian and vehicle counters and/or air quality sensors?

Go to Challenge | 15 teams have entered this challenge.

🌟 The three C’s of innovation – combination, collaboration, and chance.

How can we combine and use environmental data to gain new insights into New South Wales and tell a story of our diverse landscape?

Go to Challenge | 14 teams have entered this challenge.

Helping Start-ups and New Small Businesses in Australia

Choose one of the following questions to address: 1. What trends in business activity can help encourage self-employment through NEIS? 2. What type of NEIS businesses are being started and are successful (participated in the full 12 months of NEIS Assistance) and what can we learn from broader industry growth areas? 3. How do we encourage self-employment through greater participation in NEIS for cohorts currently underrepresented?

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Leveraging innovation precincts to drive economic prosperity.

How might we build on interaction between businesses and research institutions in Australian innovation precincts, to boost business capability, growth, and job creation?

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🌟 Small Business; Big Decisions

Where you choose to open a business plays a big role in whether you succeed or fail in small business. Many business owners make these decisions based on gut-feel or by doing extensive desk-research. How might open data help small business make better decisions?

Go to Challenge | 13 teams have entered this challenge.