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Youth team (4-11 years old) working on a water hack in Sydney (remote).

What did we make?
We made a model of a playground we think the council should build hopefully you think that too. It isn’t just an ordinary playground it is a fun place teaching children about water. It teachers children how we get water to our houses, and things that affect this process positively and negatively. This playground is free and accessible to everyone. It is great for school excursions.

Data Story

We used water nsw to learn about how water gets to our taps.
We used water nsw dam levels in order for our lakes to mimic the actions of their corresponding lakes.
We used BOM rainfall to see and learn which lake should be on or off.
Lastly we used seed environment to learn what to teach children about our environment especially the water part.

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Team DataSets

SEED: Environment

Data Set

SEED: Inland waters

Data Set

BOM: Sydney rainfall

Data Set

Water in NSW

Data Set

WaterNSW: Dam levels

Description of Use Realtime data from Water NSW

Data Set


Description of Use Realtime dam levels and river flows

Data Set

Sydney Water

Data Set

Challenge Entries

🌟 Communicating Water issues to regularly new residents in Alice Springs

Educating new residents to Alice Springs about current and historical community water initiatives.

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Water – From source to tap.

Ideas to engage upper primary and lower secondary school students (with advantages for community learning) in learning about the water cycle (source to tap). We want them to understand where water comes from (sources), the different types of water (drinking, recycled, classes of water), how and why it is treated (health), how we move it (infrastructure) and how we use it (drinking, cooking, commercially, fires, toilets, sanitation, washing, in the home). The ideas should highlight why water is so important for our survival. Ideas should be fun, interactive and educational. The engagement should be relevant to the Australian School Curriculum, adaptable to water organisations and schools around Australia and sustainable.

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Innovative ways to be efficient with water

Innovative ideas about water efficiency. Climate change means that we will have more unpredictable weather. Some of Australia is in drought and some areas have plenty of water. That changes each year. Water efficiency was a focus around the millennium drought. We want new, innovative and untapped ideas on ways to be efficient with water use. These ideas could include how we use water, how we can save water, how we waste water, how everyone can make a difference in using water wisely, water rules and ideas on saving water for the future.

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🌟 The three C’s of innovation – combination, collaboration, and chance.

How can we combine and use environmental data to gain new insights into New South Wales and tell a story of our diverse landscape?

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Ultimo: what are the building blocks of an innovative precinct?

What makes an innovative precinct? With huge infrastructural developments in the Ultimo community changing the way people live, work and play in and around the Ultimo area, how might we more accurately predict what the precinct will need in the future to ensure it is a hub for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship?

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Optimise energy and water resource planning

Optimise energy and water resource planning

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How can we protect and preserve our water resources?

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