Ultimo: what are the building blocks of an innovative precinct?

Jurisdiction: New South Wales

What makes an innovative precinct? With huge infrastructural developments in the Ultimo community changing the way people live, work and play in and around the Ultimo area, how might we more accurately predict what the precinct will need in the future to ensure it is a hub for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship?

Over the last 10-15 years, the Ultimo precinct has undergone considerable change. The building of a number of large UTS developments such as the Frank Gehry building, and the brand new UTS Central, as well as the redevelopment and re-opening of The Goods Line in 2015, must have had considerable impact on the way that people interact with the area. What can the available data relating to this area teach us about the impact of these changes, and how we can continue to build towards the vision of Ultimo being a hub for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial activity?

Eligibility: Use any open dataset to support your entry.

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in New South Wales.

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