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Our project is an app that help tourists and locals alike by providing information on many of the necessary information about your location or a specific location that is searched by the user, this information ranges from providing the user with location of toilets and ATM's through to giving them information about the native flora and fauna specific to the regions, whilst also including the traditional aboriginal dreamtime stories of the area.

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The datasets we have chosen have been chosen as they all correlate to the project ad provide us with enough information to have a general basis on how to make a successful and creatively positive project.

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SASP Target 27 - Understanding of Aboriginal Culture

Description of Use Using these studies, we can better educate users of our application to understand the aboriginal culture better.

Data Set

Kakadu and Nitmiluk : A guide to the rocks, landforms, plants, animals, Aboriginal culture, and human impact

Description of Use We can use these dreamtime stories to inform our users about the aboriginal past and what they believe.

Data Set

Australia, World Heritage Areas

Description of Use We can use this information to educate our users about the significance of aboriginal heritage listings and the locations of the listings.

Data Set

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage - Archaeological Surveys

Description of Use We are using this data to help our users study the significance of the Aboriginal peoples heritage and history.

Data Set

Sport and recreation services training-providers

Description of Use We are linking this data to our facilities data.

Data Set

Sport and Recreational Facilities

Description of Use Similar to the information on Google maps, manipulate this data to our liking and use it to locate sport facilities. We are linking this data to our events data to support it.

Data Set

Regional Tourism Statistics

Description of Use Our project will be orientated around recommending tourism destinations toward the users. We can manipulate this data to suite the user and recommend areas of personal interest.

Data Set

Food and Wine Tourism in New South Wales

Description of Use We believe that this dataset is useful to our project as we will be exploring the Food and Wine industry as part of our application.

Data Set

Fraud Reporting South Australian Tourism Commission

Description of Use We are using this dataset as we believe it could be useful data analytics for our report feature in our application.

Data Set

Events — Music and concert

Description of Use We are using this dataset as the information provided aids us in the development of our project.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Digital Culture

How do we make our digital cultural heritage collections engaging for online audiences? What experiences should we be developing beyond the search and retrieve box to visualise gallery, library and museum collections online and encourage their reuse and good storytelling?

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Showcasing our regions

How might we promote South Australian regions to boost regional development?

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Australia@Sea: what is our future relationship with the ocean environment?

Our oceans are vital to the world’s economy and provide services for all Australians including food security, industries, tourism, and well-being.

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Increased participation in Plastic Free July

People are increasingly aware of the problems with plastics and want to ‘do their bit’ but how do we increase engagement in Plastic Free July? Using data and IT-based solutions, how can we increase both geographical update and reach a wider demographic (particularly more men)?

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🌟 Telling Stories with Open Data

In recent years, data story telling has emerged as a powerful and engaging form of communication. Using any data that you can find on data.vic tell us an interesting story in the form of a feature article or video report.

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Innovative ways to be efficient with water

Innovative ideas about water efficiency. Climate change means that we will have more unpredictable weather. Some of Australia is in drought and some areas have plenty of water. That changes each year. Water efficiency was a focus around the millennium drought. We want new, innovative and untapped ideas on ways to be efficient with water use. These ideas could include how we use water, how we can save water, how we waste water, how everyone can make a difference in using water wisely, water rules and ideas on saving water for the future.

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ATO for individuals

How can ATO and other Australian public data be used to help the community fill employment opportunities?

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Australia’s Future Employment

Choose one of the following questions to address: 1. How can recent and future changes in the labour market help prepare young people for job opportunities? 2. What can we learn from case studies of regional labour markets? For example, what does rapid change in the industries or occupations within a region tell us about the needs of employers/workers in other regional labour markets

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🌟 Canberra 2029 – Inclusive; Progressive; Connected

How do we use data from the past to predict a better future for Canberra? How do we best support the diversity of our community? Optimise the way we travel and transport goods throughout our city? Predict the jobs of the future – and the skills needed for them? Connect our citizens with their environment?

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🌟 The three C’s of innovation – combination, collaboration, and chance.

How can we combine and use environmental data to gain new insights into New South Wales and tell a story of our diverse landscape?

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