Showcasing our regions

Jurisdiction: South Australia

How might we promote South Australian regions to boost regional development?

South Australia’s regions and the communities that live and work in them are vital for the future prosperity of the state, and we want to make sure these communities continue to grow and thrive.

The South Australian government is preparing a Regional Development Strategy as a plan to recharge our regions to ensure our regional communities can grow and thrive.

In the present state, South Australia lacks regional areas with a population of sufficient size and diversity necessary to support diverse economies. Population growth is widely acknowledged as a key ingredient for economic growth and is often coupled with higher levels of services and enhanced liveability. Having regions with diverse economies also promotes strength and resilience and the capacity to generate growth from within.

Industry growth and diversification, sustainable populations, and liveability are three key contributors to regional development. This challenge aims to develop new innovative ideas where data can be used to showcase what South Australian regions have to offer investors and/or city to regional migrants and skilled migrants. Contestants are encouraged to showcase any other aspects that relate to the development of our regions.

Datasets to Highlight
RDA Regional Profiles
Census data
Labour Force Data
Australian Digital Inclusion Index
ABS Jobs in Australia data set
Government data sets–road network, rail network, ports, SA Water network, Powernetworks
ABS Industry data sets
ABS Population data sets
IndustryAssociation Growth Plans

Eligibility: Use any open dataset to support your entry.

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in South Australia.

Challenge Entries

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