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Come for a ride on the highway of data that will see you become a better motorist (and tourist!)

Data Story

Fatigue is a serious safety concern when engaging in long-distance travel. In a fast-paced society where the journey is only the means to an end, how do we get drivers to slow down and ‘take a break’?

A mashup of road crash incident and road crash location data combines with a tourism forecast dataset to create a solution where motorists (particularly those new and younger motorists) can learn safe driving habits specific to their area by judging the safe distance to travel before taking a break. Additionally, where drivers are offered a break in the game, they are encouraged to explore the area as a tourist.

Further, users will be able to view places where collisions have occurred in the past from outside the game mode, and even research where they can go next for their next tourist stop (using the Tourism Forecast datasets), again from outside the game mode

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

Road Crash Locations in SA

Description of Use: Used to identify high risk areas and locations

Data Set

State Tourism Forecasts 2019

Description of Use: Used to form and substantiate case for frequency of usage of roads

Data Set

Road Crash Data

Description of Use: Used for research of crash causes

Data Set


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Region: South Australia


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Public Transport for the Future

Region: International


Local Government Information Technology Association of South Australia

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