Project 902 : From Source to Tap, Water Education

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The purpose of this project is to educate upper and lower primary students about importance of water. It teaches kids what happens when water reaches at home for domestic use. It further explains the each stage of water cycle, treatment plant, catchment area and alternative water resources. Moreover, it explains what happens when water travels from catchment to the treatment plant and how this plant treats water for the drinking and for domestic use. In addition to that, this project not only teaches kids about the water cycle but also teaches them how water is important in our lives. Last but not least, the statistics shows that we must be aware of how much percentage water is salty (97%), only three percent is available as a fresh water and more than half is frozen or in the atmosphere. so, only almost less than one percent is available as a fresh drinking water.

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As soon as I saw this challenge, I knew that this could be the perfect project for me because in school we are leaning about sustainability. We learned, that everything for future would need to be sustained especially water. The first step for sustainability would be saving water because we don't have a lot of fresh water to survive with, therefore I thought this project can help me by sending a message to everyone about the importance of water. Moreover, this project also tells the aspects of what need to be taught to the kids using apps, website and other visual aids.

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Hunter Water

Description of Use Gathered information about catchment and treatment plant processes.

Sydney Water

Description of Use I have gathered information about water cycle, catchment and alternative water resources.

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