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Our team made an effort of making a prototype of a parking app which we named as "PARK SAVE" where we can see the location where ever the parking slots are available and also we have some features like loyalty points where we will give our customers free parking after every 9th time. Moreover, it will save time for any user beforehand. Everything can be done at one place hassle-free and easy. This app will also give you alerts and the user can get email notification of their parking slip and even there will be a review page for the users. On the other hand, it can be helpful for the Councils where they can collab with this app and look through the visualisation that which place is being used the most and which not so they can make some decisions according to that. This prototype is not fully ready but still, we can download the app using QR Code and we made this app using some online tools.

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Our team managed to get the data from where we took the parking data of Auckland one of the busiest places in New Zealand.

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