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A cohesive story about the past & present of businesses in Australia.

Data Story

Homogenises, contextualises & visualises a number of disparate datasets, namely the Sands & McDougal business directory data, TM-Link trademark records data, ABN register data and New business assistance with NEIS data.

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Team DataSets

ABN register data

Description of Use Looks at the current (most recent) industry mix of Australian businesses

Data Set

New business assistance with NEIS

Description of Use Analysis of industry of businesses using the business assistance program

Data Set


Description of Use Looks specifically at service trademarks between 1970-1999 and their Nice classifications

Data Set

Sands & McDougal business directory data

Description of Use Uses business & industry categorisation by year to show a timeline view of growth of various industries.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Helping Start-ups and New Small Businesses in Australia

Choose one of the following questions to address: 1. What trends in business activity can help encourage self-employment through NEIS? 2. What type of NEIS businesses are being started and are successful (participated in the full 12 months of NEIS Assistance) and what can we learn from broader industry growth areas? 3. How do we encourage self-employment through greater participation in NEIS for cohorts currently underrepresented?

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🌟 Unearthing Victoria – telling stories of the past that speak to the problems of today

What interesting and useful stories can we tell about places in Victoria using the digitised historical business listings from the old Sands and McDougall directories (available in Victoria Unearthed) and other historical data and information sources?

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TM-Link Data Discovery

TM-Link is a newly available trade mark database developed in collaboration between IP Australia, Swinburne University and Melbourne University. TM-Link includes administrative data from jurisdictions across the world, linked at the application level by advanced neural network algorithms. We are encouraging hackers to explore this new data set and consider what creative visualisations, innovative insights and/or opportunities to further enrich the data they might imagine.

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🌟 Telling Stories with Open Data

In recent years, data story telling has emerged as a powerful and engaging form of communication. Using any data that you can find on data.vic tell us an interesting story in the form of a feature article or video report.

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