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Sai Valipireddy , Amit , Shub and 1 other member with an unpublished profile.

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The Countree app:
- Gives the government an opportunity to showcase their regional areas in an interactive and intuitive way.
- Helps the government prioritize their regional investment by using the predictive model and collecting user feedback.
- Exposes citizens to employment opportunities in regional areas, benefiting both the state and its people.

Data Story

A key way to promote and encourage citizens to move to regional areas is by showcasing the advantages of moving there, showing the potential and employment opportunities to them. Analysing the ATO - annual income dataset, we found out the income disparity for some employment types in regional and metropolitan areas. This could be exploited to promote city to town migration.
We also came up with an AI Model using the following datasets:
1) EPA SA - Recent Air Quality
2) ATO - Rental dataset by State and postcodes, Annual incomes by occupation groups Census data
3) Labour Force Data
4) ABS Jobs in Australia data set
5) ABS Industry data sets
6) ABS Population data sets
7) IndustryAssociation Growth Plans

to come up with a predictive AI model that compares overall livability of a person based on their details in different regions of the country.

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Team DataSets


Description of Use All the data tables relevant to trademark application are used to build interactive visuals to help businesses and IP offices make better decisions.

Data Set

ATO Data

Description of Use The data showed disparities in Incomes for same occupations across regions/territories and the expenses of individuals. These variations to be modelled to identify the best fit region for a person to move to, to have better lifestyle, cut down on expenses and provide other better livability factors.

Data Set

Air Quality Monitoring Sites

Data Set

Regional Population Growth

Data Set

Australian Demographic Statistics (population estimates)

Data Set

Population Projections

Data Set

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