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Parachute 42

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Information and safety app for remote outdoor activities

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Problem - You’re out on your boat and an accident occurs. There is no way to contact any kind of emergency service. You’re stuck until someone notices you have not made it back. That could take hours you don’t have.
Solution - Parachute 42 are creating a safety and information app to address this problem called “BuddyUp”. The idea is based on Marine Rescue NSW app but at a local level. The basic idea of this app is: if you miss your estimated return time, your chosen contacts are automatically notified via text message and (if there is no response after 30 mins) emergency services will be informed of your last known location to start search procedures. The app will be used to provide peace of mind, safety and security, by allowing you to log on and log off for all of your outdoor adventures.
- We would like to say that, you should never go to a remote area alone however, if you do, the app will be able to provide the information you have entered and last known location to the appropriate people in case of emergency
Your local council will have access to the information from the app to help them out. For example:
- Out on the ocean if a sudden unexpected storm strikes, the app will be able to tell authorities how many boats are in the estimated path of the storm, the amount of people in each boat, which (if any) of the boats are likely to capsize, and have the ocean current and tidal data for any people who have gone overboard.
You will also be able to scan emergency items (such as flares) into the app and have it notify you when they are about to expire.
In the future the app will have the ability to chose various remote outdoor activities like hiking, biking, 4 wheel driving, and camping. As well as access to various fishing information (such as fish size, catch limit and seasons for local fish types), and some land based information (such as the locations of trails, and geocaches). The local council will also have access to this information. The reasons for this are: emergency information (where people are and what they are doing in the case of an emergency), and tourist information (how many people visit which areas) so they make an informed decision on such matters.
- E.g. If there is a fire in the bush the app will have the information on if there are any (and how many) people in the area of the fire so they can send the correct emergency services to assist.
To sum up, the app is designed to provide people with fast and efficient responses in emergency situations as well as some local information for the outdoors adventurer.

We have a website that is built as proof of concept and is running.

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Team DataSets

Atlas of Living Australia

Description of Use Use of API for our application to search for fish species

Data Set

Restricted areas of navigable waters

Description of Use List of restricted areas and imposed speed limits and more.

Data Set

Tide and wave data (current)

Description of Use Near real-time data for wave and tide for Western Australia Coastal locations

Data Set

Marine Wind Forecasts Map

Description of Use Available for clients to check the weather and wind speeds before going out to sea

Data Set

Sea temperatures and Currents

Description of Use To gather sea temperatures of where locals go and what species are in that area. It also informs the User about the live current and sea temperature status

Data Set

RSS Feed Weather Warning

Description of Use Current weather warnings including strong wind, gale, storm force and hurricane force wind warnings; tsunami; damaging waves; abnormally high tides; and tropical cyclones

Data Set

Western Australia’s Shark Hazard API

Description of Use Real-time detection for sharks in the area when using the app

Data Set

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