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Tasmania has Australia's best marine resources, not only beautiful landscape, but also a variety of fish resources. Although fishing enthusiasts know where the best place for fishing is, but other people do not know about these kind of information. As we know that there are many famous places for fishing and diving in the world. However, Australian fish population decreasing. Therefore, this is an untapped potential area for tourism in Tasmania.
We plan to use Tasmania fishery data and social media to promote the development of the local economy by fishing theme.
Meanwhile the Wild Fisheries Management Branch of DPIPWE pours a lot of efforts to educate people how to fish sustainable.
But fishing amateurs and tourists might have no idea where it is the best place for fishing and find difficult to comply with all the regulations.

How to achieve it?
Although Tasmania is rich in resources, but it also has restricted regulations on amateur fishing. Finding a good fishing spot is not fun.
We try to turn it into a game like Pokémon Go by visualizing Tasmania fishery data and data from social media.
People can post “Get☆Daze” when they catch a fish on this platform.
our project platform has four main functional modules.
First, the FishList. This module is mainly for the user to select the type of fish that he wants to catch.
Then in the Heatmap module, which guide users to catch what they want.

The last module of the platform is social hub where users can share what they get.

why the market needs this idea?
We love fishing and this island. We also hope more people can feel “love and peace”. Currently we are using an app called “Tasmania Sea Fishing Guide” A must-have guide to rules and species for anyone fishing in Tasmania. The app has up-to-date size and bag limits, fishing rules, seasons and area restrictions. Over 135 Tassie fish provided by this app. It also possible to mark favourite fishing spots and find the nearest boat ramp. It is developed by Dept of Primary Industries, Water & Environment, so you can receive latest information on it.
Although it is a must have app, we hope it can be more interesting and easier to use. User also produce data actively and spread it to encourage others try it. We also recognize that tourism can boost local economy. We hope we can provide more targeted customers to our merchants.

Fishing is a kind of sport which can consume a lot of money and time. Fishing oversea also need accommodation and consumable goods such fishing rob and line. We provide target consumers to local shops and hotels. Users can find these advertisements by their needs. For example, their fishing line is broke. They can click fishing gears. Application can show local shops and guide user there.

the audience and how people hear about it?
Our product can help people find fish as well as researchers can gain real-time data.
For example, Local user catches a fish. he uploads a photo of fish and marked as ‘Get☆Daze’ via smartphone application. It can generate a post on linked Facebook account with # tags. People can read these posts by searching tags and following our Facebook page. We record GPS data and fish data from these posts to improve the heatmap accuracy. We also wish our platform can adopt to other market and provide service to more people. We also encourage our partners to setting many prizes to encourage the people who activity post message on our message board.

Ecotourism system
Finally, we describe the Ideal of our project. The target of Fish Go project is to build a system involve Tasmanian nature resources, local business and government tax. First of all, Tasmania's marine ecological resources are spread by our platform to globe fishing enthusiasts and tourists, encourage them to travel to Tasmania, which has driven local tourism, hotels, and related stores revenues, and then government tax increases, the government will have funds to protect ecological resources and upgrade infrastructure, and held many activity to encourage the visitors to share Tasmania information, which will bring more many tourists come to Tasmania for travel.

Data Story

Fishmap and restriction data is used for guiding user fishing.
While users are using our app, it can collect data for researching and sustainable development.

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Description of Use Heatmap for recreational fishing.

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Description of Use Help to create heatmap for Fish Go.

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Marine pollution data

Description of Use Help users to avoid polluted fishing spot.

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Fish Map

Description of Use The use of Fish Map data create heatmap and navigate users to the fish spot.

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