In Tent City

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Include a plug for services

People coming to Melbourne because the homelessness services are better than anywhere else in Oz

An opportunity to change the face of homelessness - Something about culture - There’s a community -We’re not drug addicts, we’re not abusive, we’re just real humans who fall in to this situation

A story of the missing data - What’s not showing up in the data?

Homelessness stats reported in the media vs what’s in the government data

Something about homelessness and anonymity.

Data Story

We took a broad sample of datasets, including
ABS Census 2016 (Estimating Homelessness)
AskIzzy Open Data Portal (Service Supply / Demand, Demographics)
AIHW Open Data (Number of months homeless, Specialist Homelessness Services Collection data cubes)
ASGS Shapefiles

And produced a set of statistics, visualisations and data stories that challenge stereotypes about homelessness.

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This team does not currently have any datasets.


Helping a social impact ‘start up’ (small organisation) to tell their story

Region: Australia


🌟 Telling Stories with Open Data

Region: Victoria


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