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I decided to work on a project to help connect people easily to Shires throughout Victoria. I love living in regional Victoria in the Latrobe Shire and I love to uncover different unique places within my Shire. I would encourage Victorians and visitors to Victoria to get out there and visit the all the great Shires.
To demonstrate my idea I wanted to create a website where I replicated the map from Vic Roads Shires open data map, where the user rolls over a Shire and it is highlighted, clicks on the area and the name(plus data) is displayed and I wanted to add a link to show further information such as upcoming events.
I have created a website that enables the user to click near the shire of Ballarat to highlight where it is situated in Victoria. A double click will link the user to a word document that has ideas (from the people in Ballarat) for places to go in the Shire of Ballarat and helpful links such as the Shire webpage with upcoming events.
Due to time constraints, I used a Bootstrap template(so the height and width are adjustable) in Dream Weaver to create the website. The template meant that colours and pictures were set to a certain format, if I had time I would change the CSS. Also to change the static logo to a carousel of images from the Shires of Victoria might make the site more interesting.
Time permitting I would have loved the map to more accurately replicate the mechanisms on the Vic Roads Shires map, with links to information on all the great Shires. However I have chosen Ballarat to meet the challenge and they also had some great data from their “Imagine” responses. Other Shires should follow their example to help designers advertising their Shire use “real” data ( I used Spellcheck!).

Data Story

Print screens of Vic Roads Open Data Shires map and an excel spread sheet downloaded from Ballarat's Open Data "Imagine Responses"

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Ballarat Imagine Responses

Description of Use This data was downloaded as an excel spreadsheet and then the responses that highlighted the many positive aspects of Ballarat were typed in the word document mentioned above.

Data Set

Vic Roads Open Data Shires Map

Description of Use This is the map that is on the home page of my website. I have used printscreens of this map in its various states to show the Shire of Ballarat and link to a word document further highlighting Ballarat and giving extra useful links.

Data Set

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Immerse yourself in Ballarat

Ballarat is rich with history and adventure. Visitors may come alone, with friends, or as a family. Some from the other side of the world and other, just down the road. How can we help visitors plan their adventure around the City of Ballarat?

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