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BharathKumar and 1 other member with an unpublished profile.

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Deploying driver-less cars for city to reduce traffic congestion and parking difficulties, while making eco-friendly transport affordable and accessible to public

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We analysed Vehicle, Congestion and Taxi stats data from, to define the problem statement and propose a solution

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Traffic Count Vehicle Classification 2014-2017

Description of Use This data set was used to analyze and visualize the vehicle count and hotspots on roads

Data Set

Taxi Industry Statistics

Description of Use Used this data set to analyse taxi statistics in Victoria

Data Set

Congestion on all roads during 2016 AM peak

Description of Use Used this data set to analyse and visualize congestion on Melbourne Roads

Data Set

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Public Transport for the Future

How might we combine data with modern technologies - such as AI/ML, IoT, Analytics or Natural Language interfaces - to better our public transport services. Outcomes could take the form of new commuter experiences, reduced environmental impact, or helping plan for the future.

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