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Decongest Sydney! proposes a hybrid technological and regulatory solution, such that the regulation incentivises the technology and the technology supports the regulation - leading ultimately to a de-congested Sydney.

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Looking at the data set Journey to Work, in particular the volume of people that traveled by vehicle rather than public transportation, it is apparent that a pure public transportation approach to congestion would not work.

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Journey To Work

Description of Use Used to justify the importance of carpooling as a leverage point for solving the problem of congestion.

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What are the key levers that can be affected to ease congestion in NSW?

Using open data and other data sources, what can you infer that can be changed by Transport for NSW to help ease congestion? This can be congestion from people, cars, train passengers, on a platform or queuing for a bus or just generally on a road. What has happened in the past? What information can we provide customers, bus drivers or employers to assist in easing congestion? Note: this is not just road congestion. It can be viewed holistically or at a microlevel – for say an intersection.

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Reducing CBD Traffic Congestion

How to reduce traffic congestion or parking problems in CBD?

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