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Helen's Angel's

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Our vision is to promote awareness to leaders that the current level of innovation is constrained by out dated philosophies. Our team has portrayed an example where we can either choose to follow he same path or we can take on the learning of other countries and iterate on there ideas for a more efficient solution to current congestion and reliance on current modes of transportation. sometimes the only way is up, therefore we propose that the answer to this problem can be fixed with 'Monorail', furthermore looking toward the future of mass modal transportation.

Data Story

Tanslink - Bus Routes on the sunshine coast
bureau of statistics - Population data (Census 2011) shows unemployed Vs. employee
TMR - Traffic data Average by hour by day 2018
Sunshine Coast Council - Future planning
Queensland Globe - Main road locations and built up areas

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Queensland Globe

Description of Use mapping / route line

Data Set

Air Quality of Mountain Creek

Data Set

Q Imagery

Description of Use maping

Data Set

Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Project

Description of Use travel route

Data Set

B42 Labour Force Status by Age by Sex (LGA)

Description of Use Population of the sunshine coast

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Optimise energy and water resource planning

Optimise energy and water resource planning

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Public Transport for the Future

How might we combine data with modern technologies - such as AI/ML, IoT, Analytics or Natural Language interfaces - to better our public transport services. Outcomes could take the form of new commuter experiences, reduced environmental impact, or helping plan for the future.

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🌟 What's the coolest way to travel across the city?

Using datasets which map urban heat and green cover across Greater Sydney, we challenge you to develop a tool which visualises green routes through the city. Help people avoid urban heat and move across the city in comfort by mapping out green streets and pathways which connect shopping centres, public transport stops and public spaces.

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🌟 Creating a clean city

Our residents and businesses produce, consume, and dispose of waste every day. Many residents are unaware of what happens to their waste once it enters a bin or simply don't care. How might we use data to empower and educate our community about their waste?

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Reducing CBD Traffic Congestion

How to reduce traffic congestion or parking problems in CBD?

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🌟 Determine logistics for E-mobility transport in Darwin CBD

Identify (and justify) the ideal locations for E-mobility stations in Darwin CBD.

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Spatial Information

How might Queenslanders find out more about where they live?

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