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Ahead Above Water

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Our Aim is to link relevant, compelling, local climate data to interested parties via provocative interactive artwork. The artwork will link to relevant geo targeted data in the form of a website via mobile device QR scanning.

Data Story

Using BOM, CSIRO and openAPI data from Australia wide resources we have provided a means of presenting a digestible form of this data to locals in the Noosa Area, but this project could be applied to any Australian region.

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Team DataSets

BOM Drought data

Description of Use Link localized drought data to relevant persons

Data Set

Cost of Climate on Housing and Insurance

Description of Use Understanding how future climate impacts a persons personal investments, housing value and insurance fee's/coverage over time is highly motivational and hits close to home for many people.

Data Set

Value of Ecosystem Services

Description of Use Compelling data on the importance of biological systems carrying out their normal tasks.

Data Set

CSIRO QLD groundwater data

Description of Use Another example of climate related data which in this case would be aimed more towards those expected to be impacted by water shortage. eg. growers/farmers

Data Set

Tree reforestation potential

Description of Use An example of a highly relevant contemporary study on the mitigating effects of reforestation. This kind of information is an example of the kind of initiatives which could be linked to and pursued by interested parties who following linking codes found in local spaces.

Data Set

BOM state of the climate data sets

Description of Use BOM datasets cover a wide range of climate impacts. BOM data also is spatially distinct and data can be used for locally personalized information. eg. flood surge levels in that specific area.

Data Set

Aus climate tool

Description of Use Example of the kind of information a QR code/interactive artwork would link to provide relevant info. A product of QLD longpaddock it is operated by the Science Division of the Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) with support from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF).

Data Set

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