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Project Description

The vision of the product is to help Australia providing more opportunity for employment and jobs. Our team decided to build a website which fetches the data from the government database. Therefore, users can know the suburb whether it is a great opportunity to build a startup or job.

Data Story

Create a website to provide different categories of data for the users

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

Population by Age and Sex, Regions of Australia, 2016

Description of Use: The use of data used on the website to show the age and sex in Queensland.

Data Set

QLD Suburb/Locality Boundaries - PSMA Administrative Boundaries

Description of Use: This has been combined with the Google Map API. Every suburbs show top of the Google Map. The user can click the suburb to read all the information we fetched from the government database, it will show the details on the left side of the information bar.

Data Set

Population by cities, towns, localities & suburbs 1861 to 2008p

Description of Use: The data is used in the interactive map and display every cities, towns, localities and suburb. This shows how many populations in that area and help the user knowing the area is able to find or build jobs, start-ups or hire people. The user can click the suburb in the map, the suburb name will show on the left side of the information bar.

Data Set


Helping a social impact ‘start up’ (small organisation) to tell their story

Region: Australia


Economy and Jobs

Region: Queensland


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