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As the title suggests, we create a Monopoly board game with a Tasmanian theme. We came up with this idea as we wanted to promote famous places around Tasmania (including historical and natural sites) but it also has to be fun.

Monopoly is an easy-to-learn-but-hard-to-master game. One game can take hours to complete depending on the number of players. Monopoly is very suitable for family and groups of friends, hence when we sell one game, we actually attract more than one fan.

By picking iconic historical and natural sites around Tasmania to put on the board, we promote awareness about those places and encourage people to visit them.

Regarding manufacturing, customised Monopoly game can be produced in partnership with USAOPOLY. USAOPOLY is licensed by Hasbro in North America to create and distribute the authentic MONOPOLY game. Working with USAOPOLY ensures high quality, licensed products so we do not have to worry about copyright issues. According to USAOPOLY's website, a minimum order should have at least 5000 units. Pricing will depend on desired features and manufacturing time takes between 5-9 months.

5000 units sound like a lot of initial investment. Therefore, to ease the financial burden, we suggest using crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Using these sites would ensure a certain number of sale if the funding process is successful. It is important to note that Kickstarter and Indiegogo take a 5% cut from the fund raised and it costs another 3-5% processing fee that varies according to region and currency.

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Tasmanian Heritage Register

Description of Use To locate the significant cultural heritage locations for the monopoly game board.

Data Set

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Description of Use To create the board game descriptions and the instructions of the cards.

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Description of Use Using Kickstarter as a platform to gather interest and financial support would improve the reach of the Monopoly game. Indiegogo also offers unique features such as high coverage of media and 50+ reward levels.

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Description of Use Using Indiegogo as a platform to gather interest and financial support would improve the reach of the Monopoly game. Indiegogo also offers unique features such as flexible funding scheme, Paypal payment; Youtube video hosting and re-marketing is available.

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Description of Use Using USAOPOLY as the manufacturing partner ensures high quality and authenticity in the final products. We also avoid potential legal risk from Hasbro (the company that owns the MONOPOLY brand).

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