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Aquavo is a crowdfunding charitable organization to purchase/reserve water for more water-efficient usage and environmental water.
Through algorithmic trading, we will optimize the amount of water preserved and redistribute water to encourage water efficiency.
Contributors will subscribe while being incentivized by tax reduction, carbon offset credits, and educational impact. Furthermore, this helps with the social image of the contributors and can raise awareness regarding water resources.

Data Story

AquaAlgo water trading system purchases water allocation credits using data science to optimize the contribution to efficient use and environmental water flows. This Machine Learning system analyzes data such as the river flow, rainfall amount, water trading prices, weather forecast, and Natural Language Processing analysis of River Murray flow reports.

Tables created are in the following links (also included under evidence of work):;

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

All Data Sets Used

Description of Use: Data extracted using Python from datasets

Data Set


Showcasing our regions

Region: South Australia


Helping a social impact ‘start up’ (small organisation) to tell their story

Region: Australia



Region: Australia


Innovative ways to be efficient with water

Region: Australia


Optimise energy and water resource planning

Region: International


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