Project 891

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Project Description

What will Australian cities look like in 2050? A look at a sustainable future outlook.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

A selection of 9s gridded climate change variables for continental Australia for biodiversity modelling: 1990, 2050, 2070, 2090; GFDL and ACCESS1.0; RCP 4.5, 8.5

Description of Use: A model currently used to predict biodiversity in Australia

Data Set

Habitat condition data for Australia from expert elicitation

Description of Use: Used as example that could be utilised

Data Set

Aboriginal Heritage Places

Description of Use: Reference to future solutions

Data Set


Efficient Visualisation

Region: Western Australia


🌟 The Class of 2025

Region: Western Australia


Thrive or survive: how can we adapt for the future?

Region: Australia


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