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The Let's go app is a transportation app for buses (for now) that uses real-time data to allow users to track their buses in real-time. This solution is aimed for smaller regions in New Zealand such as Hawkes Bay, Bay of Plenty, manawatu and other regions. This solution is not only for students, working people, elderly and event-goers but it is also useful for regional councils to keep track of their bus drivers, buses and public feedback. As this app progresses, it can be expanded to add other public transports such as trains, ferry and airplanes.

Data Story

The data used for the apps are taken from the Auckland transportation website and the metro info website for christchurch. The data used is the real-time data which is integrated into google maps in the app using the android studio. The data consists of mainly bus stops and bus routes and real-time bus tracker data.

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Real Time Bus Tracker (Auckland) - request url

Data Set

API -Real time weather data (e.g.Napier)

Description of Use Weather integrated with app to display current weather

Data Set

API - Real time bus tracker (Canterbury)

Data Set

API - Real time bus tracker (Auckland)

Data Set

Bus - Auckland Transport

Data Set

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Public Transport for the Future

How might we combine data with modern technologies - such as AI/ML, IoT, Analytics or Natural Language interfaces - to better our public transport services. Outcomes could take the form of new commuter experiences, reduced environmental impact, or helping plan for the future.

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