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The objective of the “The ATO Occupation Search” project is to optimise occupational decisions of individuals through providing interactive capability to drill/filter down from broad career categories of interest down into more specific careers; and creatively illustrate valuable data around income, potential salary growth and proportion of the working population in selected careers.

The platform helps individuals to specific occupations within their area of interest provide useful data around salary’s, taxable income, skill level required and salary growth (a proxy indicator for the future demand or supply of an occupation) to enable better decisioning making around career selection.

Project Output:!/vizhome/ATOforIndividuals/JobGrowthandEarningsCalculator-OpeningPage

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Considering a career change? Or curious about what career you want in future? Check out our Project - “The ATO Occupation Search” that will help filter down careers that you might be interested in and provide valuable and interactive data around salary and potential salary growths for various occupations in the next 5 years. The project utilises data sourced from the ATO (Taxation Statistics) around taxable income, salary and no. of people in different occupations; and data from the Australian Government Labour Market Information Portal around the salary projections and skill levels on different occupations. The two datasets share the same occupation codes and have been reconciled to form a singular data set that is then visualised onto the popular data viz platform Tableau.

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Taxation Statistics 2016-2017

Description of Use Used for data located in Snapshot Table 7E. Used information around salary, no. of individuals, occupations and taxable income.

Data Set

2018 Occupation Projections - Five Years to May 2023

Description of Use Used for the occupation projections within the dataset.

Data Set

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