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Our project will clean storm water drains of litter and rubbish floating through them. It will be called the Tidal Change. It consists of a net that can rotate up and down to move litter into a container. It will be entirely solar powered and require very little maintenance. This project is designed for international use as developing countries could benefit greatly from using the Tidal Change.

Data Story

Three data sets were used for this project. They were used to improve the design of the idea, but also to influence our 5 year plan. This was because with research, we learnt where the units should be placed for maximum effect and how to deploy for the future.

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Team DataSets

Deep Ocean Data - Global Seascapes

Description of Use This source was used to provide an idea of the way that litter effected the ocean and the spots that litter / debris ends up. This helped design the project and the 5 year plan

Data Set

Proposed Sewerage Mains

Description of Use This Data Set was used to analyse how we would know where to place the units. Based off of this, we created the 5 year plan as we saw where our units needed to go

Data Set

Main Material Types Littered

Description of Use We used this data to find out what the most common materials littered were, and to then use this to predict how small we needed the mesh of the net to be.

Data Set

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