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10 GovHack Challenges combined

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Data relates to personal success, environment, transport, health, tourism and promotions.

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Population Projections

Description of Use Experience of a lifetime amongst the oldest culture in the world with almost 100,000 people

Data Set

City of Darwin Walkways

Description of Use Darwin CBD has footpaths of 255 in length

Data Set

Department of Health website

Description of Use Obesity is markedly more prevalent amongst people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent An ongoing outbreak of infectious syphilis is affecting young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Data Set

Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed and Wind Direction

Description of Use Temperature - 25.18 C Humidity - 73.46 %RH Wind speed - 4 km/h Wind direction - 2

Data Set

City of Darwin Major Park Zones

Description of Use Use selected City of Darwin Major Park Zones of the 50 locations

Data Set


Description of Use Top 10 applicants do not have their logos displayed

Data Set

Power and Water

Description of Use “Can I drink Darwin water” is not readily available on the Power and Water website

Data Set

New Business Assistance with NEIS data

Description of Use Females between 45 and 54 are the highest participants – 3624

Data Set

Snapshot - Table 7

Description of Use ATO information - Postcode 3142, Vic, Hawksburn Toorak, 10,044 Individuals

Data Set

27385 Plastic Free July Panel n=350March2017.xlsx 27385 Plastic Free July Panel n=350March2017.xlsx

Description of Use Have you heard about a challenge called Plastic Free July, which encourages people to refuse an… - No - 88.57% Location - Metro - 87.43%

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🌟 Deliver better health outcomes for people living in remote areas

Remote health services are challenging for both providers and patients.

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Increased participation in Plastic Free July

People are increasingly aware of the problems with plastics and want to ‘do their bit’ but how do we increase engagement in Plastic Free July? Using data and IT-based solutions, how can we increase both geographical update and reach a wider demographic (particularly more men)?

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🌟 Community “Clean, Green and Lean” Rewards

Develop a business solution which encourages people to live an active and green lifestyle, incentivised by a digital perks system, offered in partnership with local businesses.

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ATO for individuals

How can ATO and other Australian public data be used to help the community fill employment opportunities?

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Helping Start-ups and New Small Businesses in Australia

Choose one of the following questions to address: 1. What trends in business activity can help encourage self-employment through NEIS? 2. What type of NEIS businesses are being started and are successful (participated in the full 12 months of NEIS Assistance) and what can we learn from broader industry growth areas? 3. How do we encourage self-employment through greater participation in NEIS for cohorts currently underrepresented?

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🌟 Link Jabiru, in Kakadu NT, to the NT Space Industry or Tourism

Jabiru to the stars

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TM-Link Data Discovery

TM-Link is a newly available trade mark database developed in collaboration between IP Australia, Swinburne University and Melbourne University. TM-Link includes administrative data from jurisdictions across the world, linked at the application level by advanced neural network algorithms. We are encouraging hackers to explore this new data set and consider what creative visualisations, innovative insights and/or opportunities to further enrich the data they might imagine.

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🌟 Community open data weather monitoring and alerts system

Develop a digital solution, underpinned by IoT (Internet of Things) data, which is capable of early detection and alerting for weather and climate related risks to the community.

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Innovative ways to be efficient with water

Innovative ideas about water efficiency. Climate change means that we will have more unpredictable weather. Some of Australia is in drought and some areas have plenty of water. That changes each year. Water efficiency was a focus around the millennium drought. We want new, innovative and untapped ideas on ways to be efficient with water use. These ideas could include how we use water, how we can save water, how we waste water, how everyone can make a difference in using water wisely, water rules and ideas on saving water for the future.

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🌟 Determine logistics for E-mobility transport in Darwin CBD

Identify (and justify) the ideal locations for E-mobility stations in Darwin CBD.

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