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Applied Intelligence

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In this project, the team has decided to answer the question: ‘What trends in business activity can help encourage self-employment through NEIS?’. With this in mind, a plan was made to make use of a set of data and in order to establish decisions based on for or against support for self-employment in that section.

Data Story

The data parts used within the current context were mainly categorized as follows: number of employees, type of industry, available off street parking spaces, and location.

This was a brief and initial data set with the aim to extend more to it in order to allow for more accurate decision support; however this is enough data to give a context or base of implementation.

The reasoning behind number of employees stems from the fact that as a business grows through the course of time, if more employees join, then it is a potential indication that the business has thrived and is progressing.

The type of industry is considered because in certain situations, having a parking space nearby helps but in others it does not.

The available parking spaces (off street) is considered as people value having a parking space near their employment location. Having this is important as high talent employees would want to be happy in their work space and not have to worry about these matters.

Location was also considered because some businesses thrive in certain locations while others don’t.

The end result was a data gathering exercise highlighting where employees have been high. With the current data set, there is not enough to suggest that this is proof of business success but may indicate a potential.
As the product evolves, there will be more automation introduced and more accurate and predictive result sets may be produced.

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Team DataSets

Employment per industries

Description of Use We are using this data to collate the total employment per industries in a given area

Data Set

Off street parking

Description of Use We are using this to collate the amount of car spaces that are in a given area.

Data Set

Business Establishments and industries in an area

Description of Use We are using this data to collate the total industries in a block area

Data Set

Parking data

Description of Use We are using this to calculate the correlation between car spaces and employment in a suburb area

Data Set

Public Transport a collection of PTV datasets

Data Set

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Where you choose to open a business plays a big role in whether you succeed or fail in small business. Many business owners make these decisions based on gut-feel or by doing extensive desk-research. How might open data help small business make better decisions?

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