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Scoot over is an app that can be used by both locals and visitors to get around the Darwin CBD and surroundings. It has a list of points of interest and will design a route based on imported weather conditions from the IoT sensors. There are safety reminders about using the scooter and avoids the harsh sun at daytime to reduce exposure. By using scooters, traffic conditions are eased, people are more active. People are rewarded for this by getting discounts at nearby businesses to help them bring in customers.

Data Story

We used data from IoT stations, heat maps and popular destinations around Darwin to determine suitable locations for scooter bay locations.

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Team DataSets

Drinking fountains

Description of Use Used to show water locations for people in the city.

Data Set

Darwin Transportation Map

Description of Use Used to find bike paths around the city so scooters don't interfere with traffic.

Data Set

Darwin Heat Map

Description of Use Report on heat mapping around the city. Used to determine the Esplanade is a cooler path to travel.

Data Set

Google Reviews Fort Hill Wharf

Description of Use Reviews showing complaints about heat and walking from the cruise terminals to the CBD. Shows a good location for a scooter station.

Data Set

Darwin temperature data IoT

Description of Use Used to establish temperatures and time of day for best routes to travel on scooter to avoid sun exposure in the sunniest part of the day.

Data Set

Dariwn POIs

Description of Use Used to determine most popular tourist attraction in the Darwin CBD for cruise ship passengers to allow suggested locations in app.

Data Set

Number of cruise passengers to Darwin

Description of Use Used for tourist nationalities

Data Set

Darwin Tourism

Description of Use Used to establish the amount of passengers on cruise ships coming to Darwin each year and what countries they arrive from.

Data Set

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Public Transport for the Future

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