Bankruptcy – making it easier

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Over 100,000 Australians face bankruptcy.
Why small and medium sized businesses go bankrupt ?
Our historical data analysis shows the top reason being excessive use of credit facilities including losses on repossessions, high interest payments and high cash flow.
Is it an easy escape to declare bankruptcy ? The answer is no. There are consequences like :

Bankruptcy can impact your credit score more severely than any other single financial event.

Bankruptcy may affect your income, employment and business

Your name will permanently appear on the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII)

It affects your ability to travel overseas

Bankruptcy can affect your ability to obtain future credit
AND Your trustee may sell your assets.

But there is still hope ! We have built an Alohomora platform. Alohomora platform that will predict, prevent and recover from bankruptcy. Alohomora platform will analyse and compare your situation with historical information and provide predictability of your bankruptcy.

Data Story

We take few inputs from debters like there ABN , Debt Amount , Tax return uploads Cash inflow and outflow amount , spendings , wages paid etc .
Then at our backend calls API from AFSA - , also calls ABN Lookup web services and ATO APIs to calculate and provide a prediction.
Post prediction we also help debters to prevent and recover from bankruptcy by showing methods to control there spendings, credit expenses , cash flows etc.

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