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Filing for bankruptcy can be stressful for people. This already difficult time becomes increasingly overwhelming when you're faced with an extended form asking you about the entirety of your financial situation.

'The Easier Way Out' project aims at making it simpler for applicants to complete the application and easier to provide their income and asset information. Our solution is two-folds:
1. Digitising the form (i.e. debtor's petition).
2. Using algorithms and statistical modelling to pre-populate form fields based on documents and information provided by the applicant (e.g. bank statements, superannuation statements, property statements, etc.).

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Team DataSets

ATO Statistic Data - City of Greater Geelong

Description of Use Used to train machine-learning model to pre-populate fields in bankruptcy application form.

Data Set

Attributes of insolvent debtors

Description of Use Pre-populating fields in the bankruptcy application form using predictions generated by machine learning models (e.g. a person with a certain gender, age and occupation is mostly likely to have ~$50,000 in assets).

Data Set

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