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Andele is a prototyping idea for a public transport mobile phone application. We believe that, by creating a new and more informative user experience when it comes to public transport, we can encourage more commuters to make use of public transport, thereby reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. With the inclusion of low/no emission buses in many metropolitan areas, the more commuters we can get using public transport, the better. Data collected over the new service will also allow service providers to make more informed decisions on how best to provide, alter or expand their services to meet the needs of commuters.

Data Story

Data obtained from Open Data sources was manipulated in excel for validation and refinement to regional and time scales we considered useful for our project. Data was obtained on many different topics including customer satisfaction for public transport users, metropolitan vehicle counts, statewide collisions, nationwide census data on work commutes, and live feed data for QLD and NSW Public Transport services.
Having refined the data in excel, .csv files were read into RStudio to provide graphical representations and to model potential impacts of increased public transport usage in the coming years.


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Team DataSets

Crash data from Queensland roads

Description of Use The Crash data was analysed to find a correlation between the increase in road users and the increase in traffic collisions.

Data Set

TransLink monthly performance data

Description of Use The customer complaints data was used to analyse where there are needs for improvements in the public transport experience.

Data Set

Population Projections by Region, 2017-2066

Description of Use We used the population predictions for the Brisbane region to predict the load on the public and private transport networks into the future.

Data Set

Census 2016, G59 Method of travel to work by sex (LGA)

Description of Use We used the mode of travel to work to gather important data about the current utilisation of the public transport network in comparison to private vehicle during peak times.

Data Set

Public Transport - Realtime - Vehicle Positions

Description of Use This data has been used as an example of Real-Time tracking of public transport. For the app, we would call this data and utilise for showing the customer the real time location of their intended mode of transport

Data Set

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